What people are saying about 2000 Cranes

photo of shino green tea cup

" Hello again: Thanks to everyone involved in managing this careful and prompt shipping of our package.  We are so happy to have received the piece and send our very best wishes to the artist. "
- Ellen B., Arizona, USA


" Back from the Biennale di Venezia, I already had the two wonderful shino tea cups on my doorstep.  I could not have imagined a better welcome home!!  The cups arrived in perfect condition and I am absolutely delighted and thrilled by their beauty.  I would like to thank you and Mr. Suzuki, and I look forward to hearing and seeing more of his work in the future. "
- Markus L., Zurich, Switzerland

photo of celadon tea ceremony bowl

" I received the Ikai chawan today safe and sound.  It's lovely.  Many thanks. "
- Steven S., New Jersey, USA


" I have received the two yunomi in good order.  Both are outstanding examples of Suzuki Tomio's work and a pleasure to own.  The kokuyosai piece is especially nice.  I only wish that I could make some use of the wooden boxes for them all - they are so very well constructed.  I will keep abreast of changes on your website.  I'm sure that other pieces will attract my attention as they appear.  Thanks again. "
- Robert B., California, USA

photo of shino tea ceremony bowl

" The chawan arrived in perfect condition and is lovely; the contrast with matcha is stunning! "
- Anita I., Maryland, USA


" I've received the package and the dishes arrived safely.  Thanks for the very good packaging from your company.  I'm very satisfied with the service that you provided and it gives me more confidence to order from you in the future.  The dishes from Wada Hiroaki are really beautiful!  Surely they'll become one of my treasures.  Please convey my thanks to him, and I look forward to seeing more of his creations on your website. "
- Ingrid E., Netherlands

photo of pottery tea set

" The Tetsubin green tea set by Nagai Ken arrived safely.  I was surprised how fast it got from Japan to Germany.  I couldn't wait and looked inside the lovely wooden box directly after the postman left the office.  The pieces are wonderful and the set fully meets my expectations.  The rusty red, the traces of the flames, the rough texture of its surface; it is a simple (in the sense of wabi) but very special pottery.  At home I prepared it for green tea use and then had my first cup.  I like it very much. "
- Kai S., Germany


" The works you sell at 2000 Cranes are absolutely loveley. "
- S. Rao, Style Editor, Food & Wine Magazine

photo of shino sake cup

" I received my guinomi today. It is wonderful!
Thank you so much for your perfect service.  I am truly delighted.  Best regards from Switzerland. "
- Bernard D., Vessey


" Mr. Kamada's tenmoku cup arrived today and it is very beautiful - even better than I expected from the pictures on the website.  I am very impressed with the excellent service you have provided.  I have made many purchases on the internet, but I have never received such superb service before "
- Roger P., UK

photo of tenmoku sake cup

" The guinomi has arrived, and I am very impressed with the cup itself as well as the careful packing.  Thank you for your email, and I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming items.  Best wishes. "
- Thaneadpol, Thailand


" I've been to Kyoto a number of times, so I know the wonderful sensation of ceramic shopping along those old, historical streets.  2000 Cranes is the closest thing to that feeling without actually going there.  Many, many thanks! "
- Bob E., New York, USA

photo of green tea cups

" Both pieces arrived today in perfect condition.  Thank you for the excellent care in packing the pieces.  EMS Japan shipping between Osaka and Singapore is very fast!  The initial impression made by Kamada-san's yuwan tea cup set was simply stunning. "
- Joseph K., Singapore


" Your site is the one of the best I have seen under any subject - easy to use and the best close up photos of the pottery a person could wish for.  I visit regularly just to look at the pictures! It seems that you could feel the texture of the pottery on the screen.  I have liked Japanese ceramics all my life, and I hope you'll continue the same quality that I see now. "
- B. Richardson, Utah, USA

photo of shino incense holder

" I was so impressed and moved by Suzuki Tomio's Yohen-kin Shino incense holder.  I do not speak Japanese, but would like to offer him the following in English:
  The great red mountain,
  hiding a fragrant treasure
  within its stone heart

Many thanks to him for his talent and artistry."
- Linda L., Sweden

" Are you people crazy??? $215 for an incense burner??? "
- name withheld


" On clear days, I usually sit in my backyard with my telescope, studying the Sun and sipping tea from one of my Suzuki Tomio cups.  One morning, I had the cup and an eyepiece sitting on a small bench which I lifted to move a couple of feet.  As I was setting it down, it bumped against my foot and both the eyepiece and the cup fell on their sides and started to roll off the bench, heading for the cement patio floor!  I was able to get one hand free and lunged for.....the cup (of course), grabbing it just in time.  In that instant, I reasoned that although the eyepiece was actually more expensive to purchase, the cup is a work of art, one of a kind, not to be duplicated and I could always buy another eyepiece. The eyepiece tumbled to the cement, suffering mild scratches.  The Suzuki cup, I'm happy to say, survived and continues to provide me with enjoyable mornings drinking tea. "
- Richard, California

photo of karatsu sake cup

" WARNING!  This site is highly addictive and dangerous.  Too many nice things to choose from.  Beautiful ceramics, well presented and backed up with excellent service.  Highly recommended."
- Pieter, UK