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Item TS683


Yohen-kin Shino
Tea Ceremony Bowl


(1pc. & signed box)


¥ 270,000



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Suzuki Tomio



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At the height of his power, warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598), one of the "Three Great Unifiers" of Japan, ordered the construction of a golden tea ceremony room at Osaka Castle.  The room would become a testament to his vast wealth and influence and, against the sensibilities of his appointed tea master, Sen no Rikyū, would be used for political and military discussions.  Honored guests were served tea from a glittering bowl covered with pure gold.

The story of Hideyoshi's opulent tea room is the source of inspiration behind this yōhen-kin shino tea ceremony bowl by Suzuki Tomio.  After nearly a decade of experimentation and refinement, Mr. Suzuki has created a lustrous, golden glaze while still adhering to traditional shino making techniques.  Although the components of the glaze remain secret, the artist will concede that no precious metal is used in the process.  Unlike Hideyoshi's gold covered tea bowl, the radiant character of yōhen-kin shino is born inside the kiln.

This chawan tea ceremony bowl is done in Mr. Suzuki's signature glaze.  The face (shōmen) holds deeply crackled feldspar with bold brushwork held within widely carved facets.  The back, in contrast, is much more reserved - a respectful nod to the citrus skin texture of shino's classical past.  The walls are meticulously hand-formed with overlapping coils of light mogusa clay that lead up to an undulating yama-michi mountain path rim, and the weight of the piece balances perfectly on a wide footring.

A chawan that beckons from afar and asks all to peer inside.  When filled with whipped matcha green tea, the interior becomes a stunning panorama - like an emerald lake at sunrise.

See Suzuki Tomio's Hanshin Gallery exhibition for more from his 2009 collection.

A wooden presentation box will be custom made to order and signed by the artist.  Delivery time for this item is 2 weeks.

A fukusa (display cloth) is included.

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in. cm lbs. g
length 6.0 " 15.2    
width 5.5 " 14.0    
height 3.9 " 10.0    
weight     1.98 900


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